Bidgek (Welcome). My name is Browning Neddeau. I am a candidate for the CPN District 7 legislative seat.

Bozho Nikanek (Hello My Friends),

I seek your vote for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation District 7 legislative seat. I created this website to introduce you to my family, experiences, and involvement in the Native American community.

As your District 7 Legislator, I will:

*organize two district gatherings per year (one in the Fall and one in the Spring)

*continue to build community within our district

*continue to expand a resources hub to serve tribal members

*be responsive to constituents' questions and concerns

It would truly be an honor to serve you and our tribe as the District 7 Legislator.

Chi migwetch (many or big thanks),

Browning Neddeau, Pnaswa


District 7 Counties

Below is a list of counties that the District 7 Legislator represents.

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